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Our Patients are Always Our Priorities

Preparation for your appointment

Thank you for choosing Sleep Lab at Sinai Medical Center for your health needs. Call us to make an appointment with our physician today to discuss your sleep concerns. Making an appointment for a sleep study at our sleep lab is straightforward through the following process:

Pre-Appointment Process:

  • Learn more about any sleep matter that bothers you by reviewing our website where you can find very useful materials about sleep disorder symptoms and try to identify which category most represents the symptoms you are experiencing.

  • Call us at 708-737-7498 to inquire more info about our sleep lab and schedule a visit to discuss any sleep disorder symptoms you might have with our highly skilled physicians.

  • You are always welcome to visit our state-of-the-art sleep lab for a pre-study tour.

Appointment Process:

  • Once your visit is scheduled, one of our physicians will sit with you to discuss the symptoms you experience. Our physicians are excellent listeners to our patients’ concerns and are experienced in addressing patient’s needs.

  • If the physician believes that a sleep study should be done after a face to face encounter, he will write a script for the sleep study in order to be handled to our medical staff administrative team.

  • Our administrative team will work on the pre-authorization from your insurance company. All sleep studies are required to be authorized by health insurance companies and most of these studies are fully covered by most insurance companies.  

  • Once we get the authorization for the study, we will contact you to schedule you for the sleep study at our luxuries sleep center.

  • Our schedule is very flexible and convenient for our patients. Whether you prefer to do your sleep study on a weekday or weekends, we will make sure to schedule you at your convenience.


Post-Appointment Process:

  • You will receive a confirmation call on the same or the day before your scheduled sleep study.

  • Most our sleep studies are scheduled between 08:00 pm - 09:00 pm.

  • Once you check in, you will have a brief introduction to our lab and to the study process with our sleep lab technician. Please feel free to ask any questions to our sleep lab technicianwho is going to assist you during the study.

  • Most sleep studies will be done by 06:00 am. You can leave back to work or home and continue your normal daily activity actively.

  • The study results are accurately reviewed and assessed by our sleep specialist physician and we will call you to discuss further management plans.


If you have any question, please call us at 708-737-7498 or refer to FAQ- Frequently Asked Questiones page.

If this is your first time visiting Sleep Lab at Sinai Medical Center, please print out our new patient packet for your visit and bring the completed forms to your first appointment. Also, you can complete the forms at the office.

New Patient Form





I am so glad Dr Alzein kept on me to get the sleep study done. I now sleep through the night and feel much better. I no longer fall asleep during the day and have a lot more energy. I also eat less and am losing weight.

N. Donovan Larry Beske

I came to Sleep Center with Tiredness, Dr. Alzein Suggested that tiredness is due to sleep apnea, I have been tested positive for that , now the CPAP machine has changed my daily activity level, I am able to wake up rested without any alarm, and I have become more productive through my day.

Colleen P.

Dr. Alzein is an extremely competent physician who is a good listener, patient, and genuinely kind. I admire Dr. Alzein for always being humble and treating everyone he encounters with respect.

Christine Casiello

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